Published January 27, 2012 by electricbluegaloo

Thanks for sharing this advice. While the blog “Daily Writing Tips” suggests that musch of great writing is intrinsic, it always helps to get some pointers along the way. Maybe I should add this to my Christmas wish list.

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  • Thank you for reblogging! Wow 🙂

    Here’s a taster for your readers from where the content begins:


    The Midpoint of a story is also known as the Turning Point–and for good reason. The Midpoint is a context-shifting point in the middle of a story that enlightens knowledge for the protagonist so the quest will begin to turn in their favor.

    The scenes that occur between the First Plot Point and the Midpoint need to be a “reaction”. This section is part 2 of the four-part story structure and should show the protagonist either wary to accept the challenge (and therefore failing to succeed) or being mislead somehow (still failing to succeed).

    The sequence of scenes in this section should alternate between high tension (a gun to someone’s head, or subtext–through disinterest–that a partner is cheating) to scenes where the protagonist re-groups/re-thinks their actions for attack.

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