Published April 12, 2012 by electricbluegaloo

I am desperate to see the Hunger Games, not just because my hideous cousins were disscussing it in detail right in front of me while I was TRYING to finish my assignment. Not just because of the massive publicity and hype surrounding the film, but mostly because of the following review. While the review here is of the book rather than the movie I have discovered something about myself: I like to see the movie first. I saw Harry Potter before I read it, I saw the BBC mini-series before I read The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe (rumoured to be appearing at the Powerhouse museum, Sydney soon) and of course the dearly beloved Twilight Saga caught my attention, well . . . basically when Jacob ripped his shirt off. And to add to that record I also had to see about 6 different interpretations before I connected with Pride and Prejudice. Who knows what will spark the connection, oh ye teachers who write, and writers who teach.

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