A Writing Sprint . . .

Published April 14, 2014 by electricbluegaloo

I’ve joined a closed Facebook group called the Monday Writing Sprint and basically I spent the first of my 2 blessed child-free hours laying about in bed, half recovering from a tummy bug, half pinning on Pintrest.  So I had the sense to realise that if I was well enough to pin I was probably well enough to “research” in an upright position. Well between reading Shannon Hale’s advice on writing a graphic novel, reading reviews of and ordering appropriate graphic novels and just a teensy bit of Facebooking I feel that I may have stumbled upon THE ANSWER, and also, simultaneously completely gone down the wrong track.  I have left myself with 4 minutes to write this post but the short and the short of it is that Isa Ines, the story I have been “writing” for 14 years possibly works best as a graphic novel.  Do I read graphic novels?  No.  Well I used to.   I have done in the past and really maybe that’s part of what is influencing my writerly voice.  the problem is that are graphic novels more difficult to get into than picture books?  Maybe but I really think if it works best as a GN maybe I just have to do it, stuff the sales.  in my 54 minutes of research I have also come to the conclusion that GNs maybe discuss the type of theme that I am looking to explore:  eg https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13542990-marbles and https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17214302-jane-the-fox-and-me this may mean more competition, but also this may be the genre that my intended audience is already reading.

Lots to ponder, or is it just a super great excuse to procrastinate?!?! I will ask Kate Forsyth on 10 May!  Exciting

Excuse lack of editing.  4 minutes of writing!  Yay! Ok, deadlines are flexible.

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